How to Access Your Results

When a student or parent/guardian receives a notification via email or text that the results are available, the secure result portal can be accessed by using the link provided in the email or here.

The portal will not be accessible until results are ready. Wait for email/text notification before attempting to access the portal.

After receiving email/text notification and accessing the portal, enter your student’s name and date of birth, as well as the confirmation ID from the notification. All fields must match the data entered at registration and can be found in the confirmation email.

If you have any issues accessing results, please contact: or 541-346-6553.

The results portal login page will look like this: Access results login screenshot

After entering the student’s name and date-of-birth, enter the confirmation ID (make sure Confirmation ID is selected with the blue dot, not Result Card ID). The student’s Confirmation ID can be found in the “Covid-19 Test Result Access Information” notification email and/or text.

Access results sample email screenshot

Finally, verify that all student information entered is correct and select “Login” to see the results of the collection kit test.

How to Interpret Results

After logging into the results portal, the student’s results will be listed under the University of Oregon Test Results heading in the middle of the page. The COVID-19 test result will be located under the “Result” field.

Access results portal screenshot

Use the guide below to help interpret results:

If the “Result” Field displays "SARS-CoV-2 Not Detected", then the sample has tested negative for COVID-19. This means you are likely not infected at the time your sample was collected.

If the “Result” field displays "SARS-CoV-2 Inconclusive" this means that your sample did not produce enough information during the testing process to establish a definitive result. IT IS NOT A POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE RESULT. This result happens from time to time and can be a result of having contaminants in the sample from food, drink or toothpaste, among other reasons. If you are not feeling well, we recommend contacting your health care provider or utilizing a drop-in testing service to get tested again soon to establish your COVID status. Please be sure to participate in next week’s testing.

If the “Result” field displays "Re-Collection Necessary" this means, there was a problem with the sample collection, and the UO lab was unable to complete testing. This happens occasionally and may be due to an incorrectly applied label (for instance placed over the barcode), insufficient sample volume, a cap not sealed correctly, or any other reason that a sample could not be processed. Please complete your test next week and follow all instructions carefully.

If the “Result” field displays "POSITIVE SARS-CoV-2" you have the virus in your body and could spread the virus to others. We recommend contacting your health care provider or local public health authority and isolating from others immediately.

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