Vaccination Dashboard

University of Oregon students and employees are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to the start of the fall academic term. This dashboard provides information on the number of individuals who have complied with the requirements to report on vaccination status or request an exemption. The dashboard is updated every Monday.

Deadlines to complete the reporting requirement:

  • School of Law faculty and staff - August 13
  • School of Law JD and LLM students - August 13
  • Residence hall students - upon move-in and no later than September 14
  • All employees outside of the School of Law - September 17
  • All other students - September 27

Please note that the total number of faculty and staff may fluctuate as employees are hired and separate from employment. Similarly, the student number may vary as enrollment changes. Updated on September 13, 2021.

Faculty and staff

Total number: 5,393
Completed the reporting requirement: 4,753
Percent vaccinated of those reporting: 95.6%
  • Includes all faculty (TTF, Career, Pro Tem, Postdoc, and visiting), OA, classified, and temporary UO employees.
  • Employees complete a secure online form to report vaccine(s) or request an exemption.


Total number: 21,800
Completed the reporting requirement: 17,732
Percent vaccinated of those reporting: 96%
  • Includes all undergraduate, grad, and Law students, based on final fall 2020 registration
  • Students use myUOHealth to record their vaccine(s) or request an exemption.

Additional information about the UO's vaccination requirement can be found on the Vaccination Page.