Vaccination Clinics for UO Employees

Vaccination Clinics for UO Employees

Offering COVID-19 vaccinations to the UO community is an important next step in our effort to return to mostly in-person instruction, research and activities in fall term. Vaccines are a critical step to slowing and ultimately ending the COVID-19 pandemic.

All faculty, officers of administration, classified employees, UO and agency temporary employees, graduate employees, and student employees are encouraged to get vaccinated and to safeguard themselves and the UO community.

UO leaders strongly encourage managers and supervisors to support employees through this process. We will make every effort to work with employees to overcome any barriers that may prevent them from scheduling an appointment and participating in our vaccination clinics. If you have questions or need further assistance, please reach out to your supervisor and refer to the Vaccines FAQs for more information.

Schedule, change or register your vaccination

We are addressing COVID-19 through a variety of strategies focused of creating a healthy environment and requiring healthy behaviors. These efforts follow the guidance and orders of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Oregon Health Authority. They are flexible to adapt to the evolving situation and will be updated as needed.

A COVID-19 vaccine vial held in gloved fingers

Schedule Vaccination

Want to get vaccinated?

Book your appointment at a UO Vaccination Clinic.

See more clinic details.

Calendar page with the word 'Reschedule' written on a date circled in red

Change Appointment

Need to change your appointment?

Submit a request to cancel or change your scheduled appointment.

If you need to reschedule an appointment after submitting a cancellation, please email a request to or leave a message at 541-346-8070.

COVID-19 Registration Card

Are you fully vaccinated?

Employees will be asked to report their vaccination status. A form link will be posted when the reporting period begins. 

See more vaccine status details.

If you are eligible for vaccines before the UO clinics begin because you meet state criteria, you are encouraged to schedule an appointment with your county public health agency, pharmacy, or health care provider to receive a vaccine. This may be your fastest route for getting a vaccine.

Those living in Lane County may make a vaccination appointment through the Lane County Public Health appointment form. You must be eligible under current Oregon Health Authority guidelines to schedule an appointment. 

UO Vaccination Clinic Information

Eugene Clinics – Dates & Details

UO employee vaccination clinics for Eugene locations will be held April 21, 22, 28, and 29, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at Autzen Stadium in the east lot. These clinics are available to university employees only. Dependents and other household members of employees will need to schedule vaccination appointments with their county, pharmacy, or health care provider.

You will schedule appointments for both your first and second dose of the Pfizer vaccine at the same time. Appointment options for second dose will be determined by the date selected for the first dose. Clinics for the second dose of the vaccine will be held May 12-20.

Please schedule both appointments for days in April and May when you know you are available to receive both vaccine doses.

Important Considerations:

  • Appointments are required. Vaccinations will only be given to employees with scheduled appointments. Drop-in visits cannot be accommodated.
  • Employees will be able to drive, walk or bike through the clinic to receive their vaccinations, which will be given by technicians from Albertsons Pharmacy.
  • Vaccinations are free. Employees will be asked to provide health insurance information, if available, so that Albertsons Pharmacy can bill available insurance for administering the vaccine. Insurance is not required to be vaccinated.
  • Attending a vaccination appointment during scheduled work time will be considered paid time. Employees who are working at the time of their scheduled vaccination appointment should work with their supervisor to coordinate coverage while employees are released from work to attend their appointment.

PDX and OIMB Locations

Arrangements are being made to also provide UO Portland employees and Oregon Institute of Marine Biology employees access to vaccines. More information will be shared with employees who work at these locations as it becomes available.


Appointment Planning

Know before you go

  • Consent form
    Please complete the required consent form and bring it with you to the appointment. English consent form and Spanish consent form
  • Insurance
    Bring your medical and/or pharmacy insurance card with you to your first appointment. There is no charge for the vaccine, but Albertsons Pharmacy will bill insurance for their administration fee.
    Tip: Provide a photocopy of insurance cards with your consent form.
  • Vaccine card (second appointment only)
    Bring the vaccination card you received at your first appointment to your second appointment. Insurance card is not needed at second appointment.
    Tip: keep a photo of your vaccination card on your phone, just in case.
  • Pfizer vaccine
    The clinics will use the Pfizer vaccine, which requires two doses, the second no earlier than 21 days after the first.
  • Appropriate dress
    Dress appropriately so that the injection can be given easily in your shoulder/upper arm with consideration for your comfort throughout the process.

Location Information

The vaccination clinic will be held in the east parking lot of Autzen Stadium. You can drive, bike, or walk through this clinic using the following instructions.

Drive through option (primary method)
Access the east parking lot from Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. using Entry 3 located at the Kinsrow Avenue traffic light.

Please remain in your vehicle for your entire appointment. Although others who are not being vaccinated may come with you, keep the number of the individuals in your vehicle to a minimum.

Other options
Those who use other transportation options (bus, walking, biking, etc.) can walk up to the clinic by following posted signs. The clinic is outdoors with services occurring in tents. Vaccine may be administered in an area with minimal privacy.


Refer to the Vaccine FAQs for more information about UO vaccination clinics. If you need further assistance, you can submit your question through the UO inquiry form.

UO Vaccination Registry

Collecting information about vaccination rates of UO community members helps the university plan for safely resuming more in-person campus experiences and greatly assists with our ability to address future COVID-19 cases when they occur.

Information about an employee’s vaccination status is for contact tracing during management of positive COVID-19 cases. Knowing if an employee is vaccinated impacts quarantine and isolation requirements if exposed. Fully vaccinated employees may experience less disruption to their work and bypass quarantine requirements if they are exposed to the virus. Refer to Prevention FAQs for more information

Documenting an overall vaccination rate for public health agencies will assist in identifying potential changes to COVID-19 safety precautions (e.g., distancing, etc).

More information about the vaccination registry and its use is available in the Vaccine FAQs.

Employees will be asked to report their vaccination status. A form link will be posted when the reporting period begins. Those who have already reported their vaccination status will not need to complete the form again.