UO COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement – Employee Process

The UO requires COVID-19 vaccines for students and employees. This public health measure helps protect our community by reducing the potential for serious illness, hospitalization, or death. There is an option for requesting an exemption to the requirement.


The UO requires employees to receive a COVID-19 booster shot. The booster requirement deadline was March 18, 2022.


The deadline for complying with university requirements are:

  • UO COVID-19 vaccination requirement (primary vaccination requirement) - current employees were required to upload documentation by January 14, 2022.

  • UO COVID-19 booster requirement –  March 18, 2022.

  • New employees must comply within 30 days of hire.

Report COVID-19 Vaccination

Report Now:

You will need all required documentation or forms ready to be uploaded before you begin completing the online vaccination requirement form. Documentation includes your vaccination card and exemption forms, if applicable.

To meet the UO COVID-19 vaccination requirement, UO employees are required to submit a secure online form and upload documentation of vaccination or an exemption request form. If you are requesting an exemption from the booster shot only, see below for form. The forms are mobile-friendly and can be completed on any device. The form allows you to comply by taking one of two actions described below.

Document being up to date on COVID-19 vaccine.

  • Employee will need to enter the type of vaccination (i.e., Pfizer, Moderna, etc.) the dates the vaccination(s) were given, and upload a copy (jpg or pdf) of your vaccination card (front and back) or other official documentation of vaccination.
  • Vaccinated student employees do not need to upload this information again.
  • Those who intend to be vaccinated or are in the process of receiving a primary vaccine:
    • Complete your vaccination series to become up to date.
    • Submit the online form to enter your current status.
    • Once up to date, please submit a new form reporting your vaccination status. The new form will replace the previous submission.
    • You will need to resubmit the form after receiving a booster shot.
  • The online form meets data security requirements.

Request an exemption.

  • For primary vaccination reporting, per federal requirements, exemptions are allowed for medical and religious reasons only.
  • To receive an exemption:
    • Prepare and submit a medical or religious exemption form.
    • If you request a religious exemption, complete the education module.
    • Acknowledge that you will be expected to continue taking additional safety measures as required for unvaccinated or not up to date individuals. Details are provided below.
    • Employees who have an exemption for primary doses may be required to take part in weekly COVID-19 testing through the UO Monitoring and Assessment Program.
  • Non-student employees: To submit an exemption for primary doses, use this online form. For a booster shot only exemption, use this online form.
  • Student employees with an exemption to primary doses must submit exemption forms to be compliant. To submit an exemption to the booster requirement only, students must submit exemption forms through MyUOHealth portal. Instructions are available on the University Health Services website.

Report COVID-19 Booster

The university required employees to receive a COVID-19 booster shot by March 18, 2022 if eligible or request an exemption. If you previously reported a primary vaccine series and have not yet reported being up to date with a booster shot, resubmit the online form with booster shot information to update your vaccine status.

Using the chart, please identify the option that best represents your current vaccination status and take the corresponding action.

Option Action
I have my COVID-19 booster shot.
I have already provided my booster information in the vaccination reporting form.
No action needed.

I have my COVID-19 booster shot.
I am ready to report my information.

Complete the vaccination reporting form.

  • Provide all vaccination dates, and upload front and back image of vaccination card.

  • In booster section, upload the documentation you were given or your vaccination card again, if your booster was added to your original card.

Go To Form >>

I have not received a COVID-19 booster shot.
I am eligible and

  • have an appointment scheduled; or

  • will get it as soon as I can.

Get your COVID-19 booster shot as soon as possible, and then complete the vaccination reporting form immediately.

You may be asked to provide more information about your booster eligibility date and scheduled vaccination appointment.

I have not received a COVID-19 booster shot.
I have an exemption for the COVID-19 vaccination requirement.

No action needed.
Your exemption record will be applied to the booster requirement.

I have not received a COVID-19 booster shot.
I received my primary COVID-19 vaccination, but I am not planning to get a booster shot and want to request an exemption.

Prepare the appropriate form. Booster exemptions are allowed for medical, religious, or philosophical reasons:

Submit your exemption request online and upload your completed medical or religious exemption form.

Booster Requirement Compliance

Employees who do not report their booster vaccination or request an exemption by March 18, 2022 will be contacted. They will be expected to take immediate action to comply. Failure to comply will result in additional action from the university, which may include disciplinary action.

    Exemption Option - Primary COVID-19 Vaccination only

    Employees who request an exemption to the primary COVID-19 vaccination requirement may be required to take part in weekly COVID-19 testing, among other safety measures for unvaccinated individuals. These measures may include isolating or quarantining if you are exposed to or contract COVID-19, testing to participate in certain activities and/or being excluded from certain activities. To obtain an exemption, the employee must:

    1. Designate and document the type of exemption you are requesting.
    2. Complete the appropriate form, medical exemption form or religious exemption form, and upload a copy. Please note that the medical exemption form requires the signature of a medical provider.
    3. If you request a religious exemption, complete the education module. Go to module >>

    Compliance Action Guide

    All faculty, officers of administration, classified employees, UO temporary employees, and student employees  should complete the online COVID-19 vaccination reporting form by the appropriate deadline  to comply.

    Some groups may have similar, separate processes, such as graduate employees, student employees, courtesy and emeritus faculty, and agency temporary employees. The following chart provides more information about who should take which action to comply with the UO COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement (primary dose(s)) regulation:

    UO COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement Online Form

    Medical Exemption Form

    Religious Exemption Form

    Tenure-related faculty, career faculty, officers of administration, classified employees (SEIU, UOPA, Teamsters), UO temporary employees,

    *Graduate employees and student employees - If requesting an exemption to primary doses. Booster shot only exemption requests should be submitted via UHS.

    Student Requirement Process - myUOHealth Portal

    Graduate employees and student employees - If fully vaccinated

    UO COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement Regulation Notice

    Courtesy faculty who do not regularly come to campus, emeritus faculty, campus associates (unpaid appointments). No further action is needed to comply with the federal requirement

    Alternative online form:
    • Link to form is provided to the individual by their supervisor or other department representative.
    • Supervisors, refer to the HR website for more information.

    Agency temporary employees, courtesy faculty who regularly come to campus, and volunteers

    Federal Vaccination

    A federal executive order requires the university to obtain documentation of COVID-19 vaccination or exemption from its employees. UO employees must complete the reporting process by January 14, 2022, to ensure UO compliance.

    OHA Requirement for Health care and K-12 Education Workers

    The University of Oregon is subject to the Oregon Health Authority rules mandating vaccinations for employees deemed health care providers and staff or K-12 teachers and school staff. The OHA process meets federal requirements.

    Complete the OHA Requirement

    Additional guidance for specific employment conditions:

    • Fully remote employees must comply by completing the online employee form.
    • Newly hired employees take action within the first 30 days of employment by completing the online employee form.
      HR provides guidance for supervisors and step-by-step instructions for new employees.
    • Employees who are on an on-going, full leave of absence are not required to take action until they return from leave, as long as they are not working on campus in any capacity while on leave. Units are responsible to ensure that employees who return from leave complete the required online employee form as soon as possible.
    • Employees who are on partial or intermittent leave must complete the online employee form by the appropriate deadline.

    Supporting Employees through the Process

    UO leadership strongly encourage managers and supervisors to support employees through the COVID-19 vaccination requirement process. It is the responsiveness of our employees and students that established a UO community vaccination rate of over 95 percent. You should make every effort to work with employees to address issues that may prevent them from taking action. The Office of Human Resources provides guidance for supporting employees, encouraging action, and addressing questions.

    View Supervisor Guidance

    Confidentiality Disclosure

    Information and documents provided by the employee are retained in accordance with applicable state and federal standards for confidentiality and protection of personal health information. Only a limited number of UO employees will have access to the information on a need-to-know basis in order to assist employees with completing the form, to assist with compliance with the OHA and federal mandates as needed, and to provide verification of compliance to state and local public health officials and federal officials, if requested.

    View Supervisor Guidance

    Questions and Assistance

    If you need assistance with the employee compliance process, please reach out to your supervisor. Questions regarding the online form can be emailed to uovaccine@uoregon.edu.