Required COVID-19 Testing

Effective April 25, the required testing program will be suspended due to Low COVID-19 Community Level and resumption of more normal campus operations.

If our Community Level moves to medium or high, the UO will reassess the situation and work in consultation with public health authorities to determine if the required testing program should be reinstated.

Unvaccinated students and employees, those who have not completed a primary vaccine series, those who choose an exemption and newly hired employees who have not completed the vaccination requirement process are required to take part in weekly COVID-19 testing through the Monitoring and Assessment Program (MAP).

Weekly testing of unvaccinated UO community members has been an integral part of the UO's layered mitigation strategy.

The following are not subject to the testing program, even if they have a vaccine exemption on record:

  • Students who are studying 100% online.
  • Employees who are working 100% remotely and have an established flexible work agreement documenting their remote status are excused from testing through the end date of their agreement. This includes those based in Eugene, Portland, or Charleston.
  • Employees whose default work location is out of the vicinity of Eugene/Springfield, Portland, or Charleston (e.g. employees based in other states).
  • In addition, those who achieve fully vaccinated status will be removed from the participant list. Students will need to ensure that their record in the MyUOHealth portal at University Health Services has been updated. Employees will need to resubmit the online UO COVID-19 vaccination requirement form to indicate their vaccination status. Once confirmed, they will be removed from the testing participant list.

How It Works

Every Wednesday, MAP will release its schedule and appointment times for the following week for asymptomatic testing on our Eugene campus. Those who study and work in Charleston or Portland will receive testing kits for self-collection. The kits will be sent to Eugene for analysis and resulting.

Every week, all program participants will receive an email reminding about the following week's required test. If there is a legitimate reason to miss a test, participants can follow the instructions below to request an exception.

Eugene-based employees and students will be reminded to schedule their appointment online for the following week using MAP's online scheduling tool. Note that the scheduling tool does not allow for multiple appointments to be made at once or for symptomatic testing. Testing for individuals with mild symptoms, similar to the common cold, is available through MAP at the McArthur Court ticket booths. Individuals with symptoms should not go inside to test. To the extent possible, MAP maintains operational hours that are the same from week to week.

Unit leadership of employees in the program will also receive a notification so they can support employees in identifying appropriate testing times and ensuring the employee can conduct their appointment during the regularly scheduled work shift.

Eugene-based program participants will report to the testing site at their appointed time. The testing process itself is brief, and uses a saliva sample. Plan 20 minutes for the check-in and testing process. Participants will receive their results by email in 2-4 business days. See the MAP page for more about what to expect at your testing appointment.

Masks are required at COVID-19 testing sites. Masks should be worn in line even if you are outside.  

Testing through MAP is free to program participants.

Testing Positive

If you test positive, you will need to isolate away from others for 5 days or longer if symptoms persist. Do not come to campus during this time. More information about isolation duration and next steps is available on the exposure scenarios and guidance webpage.

If you test positive via MAP, no further action is needed in order to be granted an exception from the testing requirement for 90 days.

If you test positive via any other provider, such as a pharmacy or healthcare provider, you must notify the COVID-19 Testing Coordinator right away by emailing You must provide documentation that includes your name, the date you tested, the type of test administered, the location that administered the test, and show the positive test result. Results from home test kits will not be accepted.

Positive test results will be referred to the UO case management team and to Lane County Public Health. The UO Corona Corps follows up with students and HR will follow up with employees to provide guidance and answer questions. Please respond to calls and emails from the UO and from Lane County Public Health.

If you develop symptoms, consult your health care provider.

You will not be required to test for the 90 days that follow the date of your positive test.

Failure To Test

Because missing a test can have consequences for the health and safety of our community, missing a test is taken seriously.

The testing team keeps track of those who miss their appointments and who don't test weekly as required. For employees, missing more than one test will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination. For students, missing more than one test in a term will be subject to penalties, including Student Conduct proceedings. Student conduct sanctions can range from administrative sanctions up to suspension.

If you miss your MAP appointment before the end of the week, contact the COVID Testing Coordinator at or, if in Eugene, reschedule and attend a new appointment in the same week.

From time to time, a participant may have a legitimate reason to miss a test in a particular week. Acceptable reasons include that a participant:

  • Has been directed to isolate (positive for COVID).
  • Is working 100% remotely and has an established flexible work agreement documenting their remote status.
  • Is an employee with an approved absence lasting five consecutive weekdays or more. Approved employee absences include vacation, FMLA leave, sick leave, business travel, working fully remotely temporarily.
  • Has tested positive for COVID within the last 90 days. In this case the participant will be excused from testing for the 90-day period.

If you anticipate missing a test in the current or upcoming week, please follow the instructions below.

Requesting Permission to Miss a Test

University approval of your missed test is necessary in order to avoid disciplinary action. The University reserves the right to view documentation supporting your request.

    To request an exception for a particular week:

    • Employees should notify their supervisor, in most cases, of their anticipated missed test so they can submit a request on the employee's behalf.
      • When requesting an exception due to testing positive for COVID-19 within the last 90 days, the employee may notify the Testing Coordinator directly by emailing
        • The employee must provide documentation that includes their name, the date they tested, the type of test administered, the location that administered the test, and show the positive test result.
        • Results from home test kits will not be accepted.
        • The supervisor does not need to submit an exception form on the employee's behalf for requests related to a positive COVID-19 test.
      • Note to supervisors: Please refer to the HR website for instructions on required testing including the exception process.
    • Students should submit this form, attaching all required documentation.

    An effort will be made to review and respond to your request within two business days. Response time depends on the volume of requests received. University approval is necessary in order to avoid disciplinary action.

    Unit and Supervisor Guidance

    Unit leaders and supervisors, as directed, are responsible for ensuring that employees are completing the weekly testing and verifying an employee’s reason for missing a weekly test.

    View Supervisor Role & Responsibilities