Dining Guidance

UO dining guidance was developed to provide UO students and employees information about where and where not to eat and drink on campus.

The UO face covering regulation allows individuals to unmask when actively eating or drinking in appropriate places. Masks should be promptly put back on when not consuming food or drink. If you are eating in a public area, such as a shared workspace, a breakroom, or common area, you should choose locations with good ventilation and avoid creating a crowded setting.

Eating in a university food services venue ensures that regular cleaning prevents unsanitary conditions.

Individuals may choose to eat or drink:

  • Outdoors when possible;
  • In a dining or food services venue;
  • In a department or unit break room;
  • Alone in a room that is your work area or study space; or
  • In building common areas (e.g. atriums, corridors) without creating a crowded setting. 

 Individuals may prevent the spread of COVID-19 by:

  • Washing hands before and after eating;
  • Cleaning the surface area with disinfecting wipes when entering and leaving;
  • Minimizing the amount of time your mask is removed; and
  • Avoiding buffet or potluck self-service food options.

Individuals may not eat or drink in:

  • Classrooms
  • Areas where eating is prohibited by an existing (pre-covid) facility use policy; or
  • Work areas where toxic materials are stored or used (Oregon Administrative Rule 437, Division 2, Subdivision J, Section 1910.141 Sanitation)

Hydration is important and intermittently consuming water or other beverages in a shared workspace or public/common area is allowed. Lift or remove your face covering for a brief moment while taking a drink, immediately put your mask back after drinking. Please note that Academic Council Fall 2021 Guidance does not allow drinking in classrooms during instructional activities to help enforce the mask requirement.