Corona Corps

The Corona Corps is a University of Oregon-led initiative focused on providing case investigation, contact tracing, and case management support for positive COVID-19 cases or close contacts within the UO community. The Corona Corps is part of UO's Case Management Team.

Developed by the UO’s Center for Global Health and University Health Services, the Corona Corps engages 40 team members, primarily students, to form a care team that supports our community and helps stop the spread of COVID-19.

Students and employees who have tested positive or think they have been exposed to COVID-19 are encouraged to review the COVID-19 exposure scenarios and guidance webpage.

If you are a UO student or employee who requires support with COVID-related health concerns:

Contact the Corona Corps Care Team

Corona Corps

Case Investigation and Contact Tracing

Working as an extension of Lane County Public Health (LCPH), members of the Corona Corps notify UO community members of their positive COVID-19 test results or of their likely exposure to a positive COVID-19 case. Following the practices of LCPH, during a surge in cases the Corona Corps is limiting contact tracing to on-campus residential students and students living in large congregate living situations.

Following Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Oregon Health Authority (OHA), and LCPH guidelines and procedures, the Corona Corps works to support students through their period of isolation or quarantine.

With the resumption of in-person learning, the Corona Corps also works with UO instructors to assist with the containment of COVID-19 in classes.



Corona Corps Care Team

UO students who test positive for COVID-19 are encouraged to contact the Corona Corps Care Team if they need help with support, guidance, or resources. Members of the Corona Corps Care Team help to provide basic resources to cases and close contacts who are either isolated or quarantined.

Those include food, housing, health care, financial assistance, mental health supports, and academic accommodations. Support for these basic needs allows students and others to successfully isolate or quarantine.

The Care Team also works with Human Resources to support UO employee cases. Any student or employee who has tested positive or been exposed to COVID-19 may contact the Corona Corps Care Team.

The Corona Corps Care Team can be contacted Monday-Friday 9 a.m - 5 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. at 541-346-2292 or

Get Involved

Corona Corps members working at computers while being physically distant and wearing masks.

The Corona Corps offers UO students an opportunity to get involved with the public health response to the coronavirus pandemic. Students receive extensive training and can participate as contact monitors, case managers and case investigation support staff.

All Corona Corps members work in consultation with the Lane County Department of Public Health and in coordination with the Oregon Health Authority.

Participation in the Corona Corps is also open to students from higher education institutions throughout the West Coast and the Pacific Rim.

For more information on being part of the Corona Corps team, contact the

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