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We are moving forward together in a new chapter in the fight against COVID-19. We all play a role in protecting ourselves and each other.
We are prepared with strong plans and safety tools.

What You Need to Know

We continue to work with local public health authorities to determine which programs and prevention measures are appropriate given current and expected conditions.

Instruction and Operations

Instruction and operations are in person. The UO is following CDC Guidance for Institutions of Higher Education at the direction of the Oregon Health Authority. COVID-19 safety plans, tools, and requirements to protect the UO community:


Getting vaccinated is the best thing you can do to prevent serious illness from COVID-19. COVID-19 vaccines are available at public health clinics, pharmacies, and through health care providers.

The UO requires students and employees who learn, work, or live on UO campuses and property to be vaccinated for COVID-19. Details about vaccine requirements and reporting are available on the University Health Services (students) and Employee vaccination requirement webpages.

Student Vaccine Information

Employee Vaccine Information

Need COVID-19 testing?

Free COVID-19 testing is available for UO employees, students, and Lane County residents age 3 and older. MAP test results are available within 2-4 business days. This is not a rapid test.

Masks are required at COVID-19 testing sites. Masks should be worn in line even if you are outside.

If a student has viral symptoms and is unsure whether they need a medical evaluation, they should contact UHS at 541-346-2770 or their health care provider to determine if and where they should to be tested.

Individuals who develop COVID-19 symptoms and have been in close contact with a person known to have COVID-19 should contact their healthcare provider for information on testing. Students may also contact UHS at 541-346-2770.

Exposed to COVID-19 or sick?

If you have tested positive, develop symptoms, or think you have been exposed to COVID-19:

  • Follow this interactive guide to determine whether isolation or testing is needed and next steps.
  • If you are a student living in the residence halls, visit University Housing for information on isolation.
  • Any UO student who has tested positive or has been exposed to COVID-19 may contact the Corona Corps Care Team. The Corona Corps is available with resources, support, and guidance.
  • If you test positive through a home test complete the Lane County home-test form
  • Students needing to miss class for COVID-related reasons, should notify their instructors to make up missed class work. Employees needing to miss work for COVID-related reasons, should notify their supervisor.  

Before You Come to Campus

Self-check daily and if COVID-19 symptoms are present, individuals should not come to campus.

Wearing a mask indoors when around others is an effective personal strategy for reducing the risk of COVID-19. See mask information for current guidance and requirements.

Thorough hand washing and avoiding touching your face help prevent sickness. 


The UO supports the personal choice to wear a mask as an effective strategy for individuals seeking to protect themselves from COVID-19. We encourage anyone who wishes to wear a mask to do so. Masks are welcome though optional in most indoor spaces on UO campuses. Masks are required in some places on campus including health care settings.

The CDC provides additional recommendations for masks.

KN95 masks are available on UO Eugene, Portland, and OIMB campuses at these locations:

  • UO Portland - Library and student services suite

  • Oregon Institute of Marine Biology

  • EMU - O Desk​

  • Lillis​ - Atrium reception desk

  • Knight Library​ - Check out and reserve desk

  • Price Science Commons​ - Service desk

  • HEDCO - Reception desk in suite 130

These requirements will and may be amended if regulatory conditions change or guidance from health authorities evolves. This may include local- or state-level laws or guidance related to business practices (e.g., food service, childcare). Changes to safety requirements will comply with the policy.

Individuals who engage in harassing, discriminatory, bullying, or retaliatory behavior towards others because they are or are not wearing a mask may be subject to investigation and sanction under other applicable UO policies.

If You Start Feeling Sick, Stay Home.

The COVID-19 symptom self-check tool is available on the University of Oregon mobile app. Download the app from the iTunes store or Google Play

Students and employees who test positive or have COVID-19 symptoms should review the exposure scenarios and Oregon Health Authority (OHA) guidance.

Corona Corps and Housing staff focus on assisting students who test positive in on-campus residence halls with instructions and resources for isolation. The Corona Corps is available by phone or email for students needing to isolate and can walk them through their next steps. If you are a student living in the residence halls, visit University Housing for information on isolation.

Human Resources (HR) works with employees on case management and contact tracing for work-related cases. Employees are expected to let HR know if they test positive through the Employee case form. There may be employee-specific resources available.

UO  Isolation and Testing Guide
Students and Employees can also follow this interactive guide to determine whether isolation is needed and next steps.

Instructor Form
If an instructor is notified by a student that the student has tested positive, the instructor can fill out this form.

Employee Case Form
If an employee tests positive, they should complete the Employee Case form.

Lane County Home Test Form
If a student or employee tests positive through a home test, they should complete the Lane County home test form or call the Lane County Public Health COVID line at 541-682-1380. The COVID line is open Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.

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Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19

The university is continually updating the FAQs as new guidance and information is shared from the CDC and local, state, and federal health authorities.